Head & Shoulders accompanied by NIKE you from head to toe in motion

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Winter quietly coming season indicates that multiple diseases at once. But this time, but not because of the fragile resistance cold climate. Long-term repeatability, high-intensity work pressure, coupled with low temperature cold stimulation, lower body function, can not resist the invasion of the disease.

Cold season, warm and full exercise are the only way to fend off the cold. Head & Shoulders hair care experts accompanied by sports brand Cheap Nike Shoes, moving up from head to toe with you this winter!

When the body is stimulated by the cold, the body metabolism, enhance, senses become more acute. The movement of the cold, can improve the body's ability to adapt to cold, to strengthen the body systems function, to bring more people to enjoy the tranquility of a sense of winter and enjoy the sight of the face white frost, usually found in a familiar environment made all the difference.

Of course, at the same time, precautionary measures are essential. Particular should be noted that the lack of protection can not be the head of warm items, as compared to other parts of the head of the nerve cells are concentrated, the degree of sensitivity to temperature changes five times more than other parts. Wholeheartedly embrace the snow in the cold, the release of passion for the sport, you are ready to go?

Every day is good weather sports
While trying to stretch the body can not ignore an important part of the delicate skin of the head also need exercise! Scalp massage is not only conducive to hair growth, prevent hair loss white, you can also play a role in disease prevention. And after exercise in the cold to enjoy the hot water bath, the scalp expands and contracts containing the essence of the scalp formulation products for scalp SPA, will get better results.

For example, in Haifeisisi source resurrected with the help of the first personal care line for deep cleaning, you can eliminate tension scalp, hair and scalp massage with cream, with "one-minute massage exercises" can soften the skin, the stratum corneum, the skin of the expansion capillaries, promoting skin microcirculation, thus speeding up the metabolism of the scalp, the scalp to enhance resistance; contains a wealth of minerals and high-purity watery essence so to keep the scalp moist and the dry winter is not tight; an instant hit but also a sense of cool help free your mind.

Movement always bring a good mood, so that the scalp is in motion
This winter, bring all your equipment, follow Haifeisisi source resurrection and Nike Shoes, the more "frozen", the more action!

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