NIKE designer Peter Foucault: I want people to remember the design of shoes

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If people can remember me and that they will remember that I had an interesting design shoes, whether it is available to everyday consumers, those shoes, or those who provide world-class athletes shoes. - Peter Foucault

    Designer Peter Foucault (Peter Fogg) The name is to arouse your impression? Perhaps you are not familiar with his name, but you will be very familiar with his design. He is ACG Cheap Nike Shoes running shoes and outdoor product lines, and classic designer behind the shoes, including the Air Terra Humara, Air Humara, Terra Sertig, Terra Albis, Air Minot, and so on. If you are impressed by the shoes, we must be grateful to air jordan. Learn more about air jordan, NIKE's story about him and, following the interview to see it.

    [From aircraft design to interior design of the wonderful cross footwear]

    Reporter: Everything all right?

    Peter Foucault: very good. Nike Shoes is a great basketball career has also done very smoothly.

    Reporter: I'm sure, NIKE or keep you busy working, is it?

    Peter Foucault: never a dull moment! This is the company's properties. New shoes every season is the time.

    Reporter: In fact, you cooperate with NIKE long a time?

    Peter Foucault: I Nike Air Max 1 has 16 years.

    Reporter: How did you enter the NIKE work?

    Peter Foucault: Briefly, it is full of luck and a leap of faith. I had been a Boeing Company in Seattle to help design aircraft interiors, until I was told that people with cancer. That was a bad day. Experienced seven months of treatment, I survived cancer, I feel I am too lucky!

    This ordeal, completely changed my perspective on life and career. I started in Seattle looking for a new job, but not how good luck. Until one day, I found one of my old classmate Dave, he is from San Jose State in California, working at Air Jordan 1. I called him, knew he was all Air Jordan 2 footwear design director, he said that if I passed the interview they will hire me. I know that they can not be interested in aircraft design, so each night I started drawing shoes and roller skates, I would like to interview them to see when the show. Ultimately, I believe I am able to design their shoes. Of course, then I also have to convince my wife and three children, we want to move.

    Reporter: Are you always wanted to do design work in the footwear industry, or is it just for you to do the design, and has nothing to do with the industry?

    Peter Foucault: I have been in the design does not have any clue until my third year of the Academy. There is a teacher told me of industrial design information, and suggested that I look at this area. More than three years later, I made a design in San Jose State graduate, was looking forward to becoming a car designer. But that plan did not materialize. After graduation, I work in a manufacturing model for a year, because I could not find the design work. That year, I still can not enter the design field, so before I enter Nike Air Max 1 Premium 14 years, working for seven. I never thought I would design shoes, until the day I talk with Dave after the NIKE.

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