Nike Sportswear FFF series of French style

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Cheap Nike Shoes Sportswear 2011 Spring launched the French Football Federation (FFF) family apparel, innovation and simplicity in expression, while the essence of football into the French and French elegance.

In this series of apparel, high-tech fabrics and a combination of long-staple cotton cloth has played a complementary role - just like the Nike Free Storm-FIT and traditional Gingham Check pattern is always dependent on each other - as simple lines, exquisite design, integration and wear-resistant fabric is one of the classic French style.

This series is inspired by the French football in the stadium and outside meaning. "Nos differences nous unissent" slogan (translated as "our differences unite us") is to commemorate this spirit, emerging red, white and blue tones evoke the French national character of the people of color.

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