Running on the road of health! Marathon documentary editing equipment

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In recent years, running to become an increasingly popular aerobic exercise. Remove the gym treadmill running, the environment in the street or park road race has also been a lot of people of all ages. The road race is the ultimate goal - full marathon. Editing is also a marathon lover happens, we give here to talk about their marathon equipment, the way to talk about the course of several years of jogging.

    Referred to as the Northern horse. Player registration, generally have several types of options: mini-marathon, about 4.2 km; 9 km (before 10 km); half (21.0975 km); full (42.195 km). Different people born body is different and some people do not how the training will be able to finish the course, but more people need training, step by step. I attended two horse race north, one is 10 km, one is half. While a student, I have been suffering long-distance running hand, annual examination 1000 meters are terrible. Hand from the student's hard to adhere to finish the half, of which there is a gradual training process. Also, equipment is important, do not just wear a pair of shoes that you can run the. The consequences of neglect and equipment, is likely to hurt.

    Heard someone say that the old, old man wearing a pair of 70-year-old Jiefang Xie can easily run a marathon. Yes, there are such examples, as if to swim across the English Channel was always the same, you are not a piece of material, it may be deliberate. If your body is responsible for, first of all, choose a pair of special shoes. I first training goal is 3-10 miles a day. By the way, if only the purpose of fat loss, 5-10 km per day is sufficient amount of training. There is an optimum fat burning rate of speed, not too fast nor too slow, beginner instrument can be used to control heart rate, feeling of control can rely on Skilled specific back talk anymore. I first running shoes, a pair of Nike Free Run 5.0, although we later learned that this is actually not really a special running shoes. But its really good analog design barefoot, very soft very comfortable, summer travel, or on foot is very appropriate.

    The author's second pair of running shoes, Cheap Nike Shoes is still the LunarLite. Later I learned that this is indeed regarded as a special running shoes, and part of Performance Training category for race training and lightweight. The time to buy this shoe does not understand the concept of the shoe last, resulting in shoes not too fit.

    Nike Shoes's Structure Triax 11, a bit like the Stability (stability) of jogging shoes. On the type of running shoes, revisit later. Although not a professional Nike Free 7.0 running shoes manufacturers, but still be a lot of praise. However, this shoe is still not for me, cause the effect of running is not good, I gradually came to realize that these are the.

    With the continuous running, I gradually learned more about running and running their own knowledge of equipment, especially shoes. The first time that the four running shoe brands: Asics, Brooks, Saucony and New Balance, in addition to a more professional company that Mizuno running shoes. Also know the different sub-types of running shoes for different foot types. The wrong type of running shoes, running will lead to discomfort and even injury. To fully understand their own feet, it is best to shop with a professional machine professional running shoes do Fit. If you do not want to be too much trouble, Mizuno has a more characteristic of the site: Here you can do simple Fit, for a preliminary look at what their feet.

    Arch type is one of the factors determining the type of running shoes, running shoes, or for any wide range of indicators to be integrated to measure. Common to choose running shoes simply to the type of weight is not accurate.

    Finally, the measured results, the author's feet fit Cushioned, is the type of running shoe cushioning, the corresponding series is Mizuno Wave Creation, etc., you can refer to the results of running shoe type to choose another brand of the corresponding series.

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